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Parent page: Picking the Right Treats and Foods

A treat is not a treat if it doesn’t bring with it any health benefits to your feline friend. If you are looking into incorporating more healthy options in your cat’s treats menu, here are tips to help you make or shop for nutrition-loaded treats.

Go Green

Catnip is a low-calorie treat, and you can be confident your cat won’t have enough of it. Cats love both catnip and cat grass, and they are very easy to grow. These treats are also available in dried as well as fresh form in many pet stores, but always ensure what you are offering your cat is safe.

Moderation is Key

If you don’t want your cat to avoid their food in the hope of being given what they love, limit the times you give out the treats to two to three times a week. Cats are like human beings, when they develop a taste for something, they will always want to feed on it.

Go Easy With Human Food

It may sound like a great idea serving your cat some tuna, cheese, liver or fish more often. Still, cat food is much better as it contains vitamins and minerals that are good for a cat’s health. You can, however, give these foods every once in a while in small portions.

Always Avoid Toxic Food

You may love your raisins and grapes, but these may be toxic to your cat. Always check with your cat’s vet if you aren’t sure whether something is poisonous or not. Different cats react to different treats, so always be sure what is good and what is not for your cat.

Never Replace Love with Treats

It is usually very tempting to dish out a treat if you haven’t had enough time with your cat. Always remember that no amount of treats can replace the cuddles your feline friend craves. If you want to bond with your cat, create time for physical contact.