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We are all guilty of making mistakes every once in a while when it comes to our own diet, as well as that of our pets. For the little friends, it might not be easy to pick out the mistakes since they don’t speak to tell us what they feel about what we fed them. In most cases, such errors are only realized when a cat or a dog gets sick. Diseases such as diabetes, which is common in cats, can be avoided by giving the right diet consistently.

This article will highlight three of the most common mistakes people make while feeding their cats.

Feeding Dry Food

One of the most common causes of urinary tract infections in cats is feeding them dry foods or diets which are low in liquids. Cats aren’t good water drinkers compared to dogs. To avoid such health complications, always supply them with moisture-rich canned foods that are available in pet stores.

Not Offering Enough Water

The same way water is essential to a human being’s well being, it is precisely the reason why cats should be given enough water. On top of serving them with moisture-rich foods, always ensure their water bowls are sufficiently replenished with freshwater always. If your cat hates water, crush some fresh leaves of catnip in a bowl and fill it with water. When your cat is in good health, your mind will be at peace and able focus. That is the best time to make good use of playamo casino bonus codes to win yourself some cash if you’re into online gambling.

Going Vegan

Forcing your cat to go vegan or vegetarian is never a good idea. This is an increasing problem that vets are having a hard time discouraging pet owners from. If you have decided to go vegan, don’t be tempted to force your cat into it. Cats are carnivores, which means they must be fed with meat to remain healthy.