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If you have ever had an experience with your dog’s leash snapping during one of your evening strolls at the park, you must know how bad the situation can get. This is a nightmare you would never wish for, even on your worst enemy.

There are many reasons why a leash would snap, but it all starts with the type you pick for your dog. There are different types of leashes, and choosing the right one depends on why your dogs need one in the first place. We will discuss some of the common types of leads you are likely to find in a pet store to help you pick the best.

The Standard Type

This is the most common in many stores. It is usually made of nylon or leather and measures between four and eight feet. This type is suitable for training or daily walks. This will also last you long enough if this is the sole purpose you need one. This leash is ideal for both an adult dog as well as a puppy.

Retractable Leashes

These ones are much longer measuring between four and 30 feet. They are more or less like a measuring tape. They have a locking mechanism that allows you to extend to whichever length you desire.

Adjustable Leash

This one comes in handy when you want to fill a gap between the other types of leashes. They allow you to adjust the lead to whichever length depending on the use. This one is always available between three and six feet and are usually appropriate for training.

Chain Leash

If your dog chews or has the habit of destroying the leash, this is the best type. However, you will need to keep a close eye on the dog as sometimes they can ruin their teeth while chewing. Most dogs adapt to the leash as soon as they realize they aren’t chewable.