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Just like human beings, some things should always be considered before picking a treat for your bestie. There are endless options in the market, but it is still good to go for the most healthy ones. The best part is that there are many great treats made of natural ingredients available in pet stores, so your little friend will have fun munching away.

Things to Consider

Calorie Content: This is one of the things any pet owner should always consider when buying treats for their pups. If you want something to use during training, a low-calorie one is the best for this purpose. Most training treats are usually extra-low in calories as they are given in small bits throughout the day. In occasional events such as birthdays, a higher-calorie treat is always the best. If you are the kind of pet owner who likes giving out treats every once in a while, you are better off getting low-calorie ones.

Ingredients Used: Understanding what your dog likes and what they don’t like, helps when picking a treat for them. You wouldn’t also want to pick something made with ingredients they are allergic to. Go through the list of ingredients with a fine toothcomb and pick what won’t have any adverse effects on your dog.

Texture: There are endless options when it comes to texture and dog treats. If your dog is older, you might want to go for softer ones as they might have underlying dental health issues that might be worsened by a hard to chew treat. Crunchy treats are, however, the best as they do the job in getting rid of plaque on your dog’s teeth. If this an option you think your dog could handle, it is usually a good choice.

We would recommend organic treats anytime as they are healthy and free of common allergens.